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Ars Onirica : I: Cold

Italian band Ars Onirica's debut is far too upbeat and poppy to hold any real Doom appeal.

'I: Cold' is the first full-length release of Italian band Ars Onirica, who are purported to play a melodic style of Death/Doom Metal. I'd find it hard to label the music on this album as such though. Anybody listening to popular music in the early 2000s will have heard music like this a million times over on Kerrang and the like because that's how it sounds. To me, music of this nature will always be 'Nu-metal'.

For my money, there's nothing Doom about this release whatsoever. They only slow things down on rare occasions, and even when they do, it's nothing to write home about. Honestly, everything about this release is painful to me; it's what I detest listening to. Breakdowns, vocalists that try too hard and come across as desperate too often, direction-less music at a painfully pointless tempo.

Honestly, I understand that people don't have the same opinions; life would be very boring if they did. Everybody's free to like what they wish. However, I cannot accept that a label predominantly responsible for trying to crack the Doom Metal market listened to this and thought it would appeal to people that follow that genre. I'm sure somebody out there will enjoy this album but it's not me. I can't fault the production or musicianship but the songs and style absolutely crucified my ears.

As far as I am concerned, Ars Onirica is only inches away from falling in line with bands like Alexisonfire, which isn't to my taste at all, I'm afraid.

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Reviewer's rating: 2/10


Tracklist :
1. Intro
2. In Between
3. La Nave
4. In Gloom
5. Cold…(Return To Nowhere)
6. Dust
7. The Loss

Duration : Approx. 46 mins

Visit the Ars Onirica bandpage.

Reviewed on 2020-08-19 by Ian Morrissey
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