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Serpent Omega : II

The sophomore release from Serpent Omega builds considerably on the European- style Sludge/Doom of their 2013 debut.

One of my all time favourite bands has to be Sweden's Sludge/Doom murk dwellers Serpent Omega. Their debut self-titled album was a masterpiece of blackened, filthy, squalor-swimming Doom. After 7 years, they have finally returned with 'II', and my how things have progressed...

Released through Icons Creating Evil Art on CD and a fabulous looking 12" vinyl, Serpent Omega's 'II' is a triumphant return, and a ferocious slab of unyielding grime-encrusted Doom Metal. Opening track 'Orug Nuur' is an angry, pulsating beast of a song, practically thrumming with fuzzed-out bass and showcasing vocalist Urskogr's primal roar. To me the production is spot on, creating a thick, satisfying rumble from the drumming of Peter Stjärnvind (formerly of Entombed/Nifelheim fame), as well as a ravenous fury from the riffs, like an incendiary device unleashed, the air is sucked from the room and all that's left is the roaring, bellowing noise of destruction.

I always felt that there was a lot more going on in the sound of Serpent Omega than just straight up Sludge/Doom. An element of Swedish Death Metal is almost certainly present and the band have a cold streak that can only come from the influence of Black Metal. One of my favourite songs, not just of 'II' but of the band as a whole and in general is 'Rivers Of Riversed' which has a slower pace, a far more groove laden sound and also lets Urskogr reveal her haunting cleaner vocals, as well as intoxicating lyrics that speak of an all- encompassing doom.

If the last track was a menacing ribbon of silk to the senses, then 'Through The Gates Of The Dead' is the polar opposite. A rampaging, cavernous war metal blast of anger, a short sharp blast of true spite. And for me that epitomises Serpent Omega: a band who can conjure up incredible rage, a primordial immense seething frenzy, and then break things down to a rhythmic beautiful and captivating melody. Always savage though, that never leaves, always lurking.

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Reviewer's rating: 9/10


Tracklist :
1. Orog Nuur
2. Land Of Darkness
3. Rivers Of Riversed
4. Through The Gates
5. Chthonic
6. At The Mountain Edge
7. Av Aska

Duration : Approx. 38 minutes

Visit the Serpent Omega bandpage.

Reviewed on 2022-10-24 by Luke Hayhurst
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