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Blueprint Human Being : Promo 2002

The 'Modern Industrialized Enigma' Demo (released under band's previous name, Devilish Decibels) showed us that this Finnish quintet has some real potential. They're now back with a different name, but they have made sure they provide more of the same, gloomy and original music on this promo. These three lengthy tracks are overall less 'metal', especially the morbid 'Reuna', which has very strong experimental rock (read: post-rock) influences.

Many styles are mixed, resulting in a sound which is frankly tough to describe. Comparisons to the progressive brilliance of Maudlin of the Well come to mind, although note there are no female vocals, keyboards or major electronic effects here; the band achieves needed variety with fancy quitarwork and different vocal styles of Sami Harju. Clean, growled, spoken, whispered (or rather just quietly spoken), they're all here. In the final part of 'Reuna', the spoken vocals act like samples, so characteristic for post-rock artists like Mogwai.

'Distress in the First Degree' starts with a tedious repetitive couple of minutes, which is followed by a clever tempo change and some death growling. While the band has a developed sense of song texture, and are obviously taking their job seriously, one thing puzzles me; The lyrics (in English), again disappointing, are sometimes wrongly pronounced which is very off-putting. And this time the case is not deliberate mistake, as was the case with the last track on 'MIE'. As for the lyrics themselves - my apologies to Herr Mord, but what they are about, beats me.

'This Blue Circle of Thoughts', described by the band members themselves, as "70's progrock meets epic doom", is the strongest track this line-up has produced so far. A catchy guitar line, actually the chorus of the song, followed by some clear and growling vocal combination sets the stage for an excellent aggressive section. As I already said, intentionally or not, this tempo change and build-up is reminiscent of 'astral-prog' metallers Maudlin of the Well.

While I don't find this demo to be a disappointment, I honestly hoped to come across improvements in the production department. Since it was recorded in the same studio as 'MIE', it's not a shock, but somehow I feel 'MIE' hinted more than 'the same production as the last time'. One can just wonder how it would all sound if it was recorded in a 'top' studio.

Band contact:
Sami Harju
Raitatie 13
36200 Kangasala

email: samiharju@koti.soon.fi
web: bhbeing.cjb.net

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Distress in First Degree
2. This Blue Circle of Thoughts
3. Reuna

Duration : Approx. 31 minutes

Visit the Blueprint Human Being bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Bojan Janjanin
Thermal Mass
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