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Doomsword : DoomSword

Doomsword is an Italian band which draws its influences both from Epic Doom acts such as Candlemass and Heavy Metal bands like Manowar. This makes it hard for me to pinpoint the exact music that Doomsword plays. I am a bit hesitant to describe them as Epic Doom-metal due to the many uptempo Heavy Metal parts; likewise they have too many Doom elements to label them as a pure Heavy Metal act. Perhaps the best description is one I recently heard "They really come across more like Doomy Epic metal than Epic Doom Metal" (Tom Phillips of While Heaven Wept).

This is a description I can relate to. Doomsword play slightly too fast on this record to get the tag Doom-metal. The influence of a band like Candlemass however is undeniable. I also believe this band will appeal to anybody into Epic Doom metal (Candlemass, While Heaven Wept, Solstice), esp. if you also like Epic Heavy Metal (Manowar, etc.). Doomsword’s music is in the tradition of power-metalish Doom like Memory Garden or Sorcerer.

This entire release is dripping with epic story telling of battles and great warriors (truly in the tradition of for example Manowar). The band name, their music, their lyrics and also their cover art illustrate this Epic aspect. This is not music about love gone bad or about smoking some weed. Doomsword are heavy-metal warriors crushing everyone who stands on their way with the mighty blow of one guitar chord, singing fantastic tales about heroic deeds.

This is perhaps best illustrated in their songs 'Helms Deep', covering the well-known events in The Lord of the Rings books, and 'Return to Imrryr', covering the tales of Elric, Emperor of Melnibone (a character in the books of Michael Moorcock). Doomsword show their appreciation of the well-written fantasy tales and add music to the words and imagery associated with these tales.

The band also pays tribute to Cirith Ungol with their cover of 'Nadsokor', which I personally find to work rather well within the entire concept of this album. Doomsword make the song their own and it fits right in with all of their own compositions.

The only weakness I can find on this release is the rather thin sounding production. Doomsword create heavy, epic and bombastic sounding music, and as such demand a really good and thick production to come across optimally. The sound isn’t bad, but it’s slightly too thin for the music offered here. Which is a shame and hopefully once their record label realises the value of this act will invest more money in their recording budget.

Overall I can say that if you are into bands such as Solstice, Memory Garden, Sorcerer and Circle of Nero you will probably enjoy this album. Fans of While Heaven Wept and Solitude Aeturnus might also want to check out this release. If you’re also into Manowar, then this album simply becomes a must have. Doomsword are for sure the Manowar of Doom. Stoner fans, fans of Romantic Doom, fans of harsh Death/Doom or fans of Funeral Doom, might want to stay away from this release for it’s overflowing with heavy metal influences and "Conan the Barbarian type imagery".

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Sacred Metal
2. Warbringers
3. Helms Deep
4. One Eye God
5. Return to Imrryr
6. Nadsokor
7. Swords of Doom
8. On the March

Duration : Approx. 47 minutes

Visit the Doomsword bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Aldo Quispel
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