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Dusk Ov Shadows : Ashen Angels

This is definitely the longest release in the Dusk Ov Shadows project. If you combine the two previous demos ('Methods To Madness' and 'Death As A Saviour') together they will last 71 minutes. That is only a minute longer than this demo. Still you don't get more for your money than before. Why? Well, because all the demos are out for free of course. This particular one you can find here: http://www.mp3.com.au/DuskOvShadows/Music.

Matt Zuchowski (as I've mentioned in the previous reviews, is the man behind the project) has outdone himself on this one. Particularly on the third track; 'Ashen Angels'. The simple notes on the piano are put together to create the most perfect feeeling of silent depression that I have heard to this day. Coming across a piece where every note lands in just about the perfect spot is indeed a rarity, and indeed I know nothing is perfect, but this time I'm tempted to say that it is.

The rest of the album has a high standard as well, although it has no chance of beating 'Ashen Angels'. The standard dirge of Dusk Ov Shadows has grown a bit fuller and much less ambient compared to the previous two demos. The music has also successfully seperated itself from Funerary Dirge, another project by mr Zuchowski, which Dusk Ov Shadows has thus far sounded a bit too similar to for comfort. Now it might just as well be compared to a more depressing version of Skepticism.

What is so unique about the new sound of Dusk Ov Shadows is that instead of creating soul tormenting despair like so many other doom metal bands do, 'Ashen Angels' creates an aura that allows you to both contemplate about yourself, and most uniquely, to sit down and cry the pain away. There aren't many doom metal bands that make music like that. This is really a reccommended listening for all the depressed doom fans out there.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Tapestry Of Woe
2. March Of The Lament
3. Ashen Angels
4. Atonement
5. Death's Desire
6. Emptiness

Duration : Approx. 70 minutes

Visit the Dusk Ov Shadows bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-02-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
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