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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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Solo project by Folo, from Alsace. Slow-paced Death/Doom that embraces melodic Gothic-style guitar leads and Funeral solemnity, occasionally flirting with pacie...
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Queen Elephantine : Queen Elephantine/Sons Of Otis (Split)

A really massive heavyweight of a split. It starts with 'Tales Of Otis' by Sons Of Otis, which is a track full of incredibly slow and slightly unnerving riffage. While most of their previous works have been very stoner influenced, this would come closer to being a mixture of doom/sludge and doom/drone. The attitude is very dark and slightly agressive. In fact, this is pretty much the same kind of music that Corrupted make. The main difference would be that this track has no vocals.

The second track is more in their usual style, though still without vocals. The riffage is much less deep and jams along in a very spaced manner. High as a kite, in other words. In addition, it must be said that the melody line is incredibly relaxing while at the same time tickling the air guitar lobe in the stoner fan's mind. Clearly one of the most far out tracks in the doom/stoner genre. Exactly what any Sons Of Otis fan would be looking for.

The far out music on 'Oxazejam' is a perfect passage over to Queen Elephantine's track. While they have only half as many tracks as the direct descendants of Otis, 'The Battle OF Massacoit (The Weapon Of The King Of Gods)' lasts a whole 26 minutes and that's nearly ten minutes more than the other two tracks combined. The music is nearly as high as on 'Oxazejam', but less stonery and more droning. An interesting aspect of the music is that the regular drumwork is supplemented with what sounds like a set of bongo drums. The track even ends with the bongo drums jamming it out in a solo. It really gives the track a slightly Middle Eastern feeling. The vocals are very slow and does sound a bit drunk or drugged. All in all a very relaxing track that make you feel like you're floating around above a desert on the back of a slightly psychadelic camel.

The music from both bands fit really good together, giving the overall feeling of the split a comfortably holistic tinge. This wouldn't have been a big thing if the bands had more active and more intensely chaotic music. However, when the music is this relaxed and as chaotic in the same way an etheral wave would be, then good continuation is very welcome. Most importantly for my verdict, it enables the music to become really pleasant music for relaxation. And that's exactly what I would recommend it as. If you want something far out to allow your mind to wander, then this is probably a very good choice.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
Sons Of Otis:
1. Tales Of Otis
2. Oxazejam

Queen Elephantine:
3. The Battle OF Massacoit (The Weapon Of The King Of Gods)

Duration : Approx. 44 minutes

Visit the Queen Elephantine bandpage.

Reviewed on 22-06-2007 by Arnstein Petersen
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