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Endor : No Rose Without Thorns...

Endor is a young five piece band from Opwijk, Belgium, who, with their second demo release 'No Rose Without Thorns...', bring to the fore original, high quality brutal doom/death-metal. Their music is mostly doomily mid-paced with oft gushes of speed, and is dark, violent and crushingly heavy. Furthermore, it is more horrific than melancholic or depressive, though the demo dwells very much in these realms of emotions, and at times, such as in personal favourite 'Eternal Sunrise', becomes a little more melodic and bathed in sorrow musically.

Although the regular technical, death-metal based increments in speed could intimidate the extremely slow-paced doom obsessives, 'No Rose Without Thorns...' features just as many desolate, crushing doomy riffs as it does pulsating, torturous death-metal blast beats. Besides the dominating guitars and endlessly thunderous percussion, there is only the vocals (phew for some – no keyboards here!), which are noticeably impressive and well executed. Tom M.’s voice ranges from pained spoken word, to black-metallish screams, to unmerciful and agonising grunts, and everything in between. Whatsmore, they are not too dominating or overbearing as vocals sometimes tend to be, but still effectively add to the mood and atmosphere of the CD.

Another particularly noticeable factor about Endor is the considerably well written poetry, provided mostly by drummer Willem as lyrics. Each 'lyric' covers life, death and romance expertly, maturely and intelligently, largely in latin, old English and theatrical script, and further deepens the record and each of its songs well...the lyrics certainly add a lot to the music and its atmosphere also, which, briefly, is very dark, solemn and tormented, and at times, even horror-like, much thanks to the deathly vocals and some chaotic, but interesting samples. Even the record sleeves and cover are well presented, with some good, appropriate art from 'Caspar David Friedrich et la Peinture Romantique'. Endor have clearly put a lot of effort, dedication and emotion into this disc and their music, which is certainly good to see – one can only hope they will receive in return the attention and appreciation they deserve...and with the originality and quality of this demo, such appreciation is within arms reach.

So, I would strongly recommend 'No Rose Without Thorns' and Endor to any dark, heavy doom/death fanatic, or for that matter any open minded extreme metal fan with a taste for the dark – I can certainly see the band appealing to the more death or even black-metal enthusiast also. Either way, be sure to watch out for this band, as they brew a concoction of brilliance, uniqueness, talent, quality and imagination not often seen.

Unfortunately, Endor are currently without a website, but you can still e-mail the band at endor@pi.be.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. (untitled)
2. To the Moon
3. Lilith’s Embrace
4. Sol Mortuus
5. Eternal Sunrise

Duration : Approx. 21 minutes

Visit the Endor bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Stephen Burrell
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