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Il Sangue : Fall of Empyrean/Il Sangue Split

Here, we have a split CD by two fairly unknown (yet pretty darn good) bands that play doom/death. Both of these bands have released a handful of demos, and each has been around for about 3 years. This is the first split CD for both of them.

The album starts off with Fall Of Empyrean' s first offering, 'This Paradise Crumbles'... one is treated to a short (and perhaps a bit off key... but maybe, that was intentional) acoustic intro, after which the band get right into it. It's difficult to make comparisons to other bands here, as they seemingly take a little influence from all of the 'big' doom/death bands. I can defiently see a bit of Anathema here, mostly due to the acoustic intro, and interludes. Perhaps, there is also a little bit of early/mid period Katatonia there as well. I suppose, the most shocking thing is a seeming lack of influence from My Dying Bride... it was something I fully expected after the first few riffs, but it just isn't there... strange... but good, as we already have enough MDB. clones out there. Having said all that, I do prefer the second track, 'Destructive Light Of Dawn' however. It just seems to me, better composed, and laid out. Good solid leads, nice atmosphere, great melody. Nothing to complain about here. I'm actually a little surprised that Fall Of Empyrean hasn't been signed yet.

Next up, we have Il Sangue. The quality of these two tracks is noticably lower than the Fall Of Empyrean tracks, but not enough that it gets in the way of the music. After the intro of 'On Earth, As It Is In Perdition', I am quickly reminded of Shape Of Dispair, and Deinonychus, if only briefly in the sense that Il Sangue seems to reaching for that same atmosphere of, well, despair, that the other two are known for. Unlike Fall Of Empyrean there are no romantic or gothic influences here... just straight ahead death/doom, with the occasinal quieter part. I'd also like to add, that I think the 'sick' vocal style (part anguished screams, and part sick grunts, along with some clean spoken parts) suits this music extremely well. Overall, Il Sangue certainly is something one should check out, if they don't like any gothic and romantic influences in their death/doom.

In the end, we've got four tracks, by two good, young, and distinct doom/death bands on this disc. Certainly something which any doom/death fan should seek out... but the casual listener should skip this in favour of something more well-known.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
Fall Of Empyrean:
1. This Paradise Crumbles
2. Destructive Light Of Dawn

Il Sangue:
3. On Earth, As It Is In Perdition
4. As Tongue Meets Ash

Duration : Approx. 37 minutes

Visit the Il Sangue bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Matt Zuchowski
Aesthetic Death
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