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I Dream No More : Until Death Overtakes Me/I Dream No More Split

Both of these projects are by one author, Stijn van Cauter. There are some abnormalities about this split. Firstly, only 8 copies have ever been created of this release, as it was never published officially. Another thing is that while normally the bands have just about equal playing time on a split, this time I Dream No More is represented only with just one track, which is on just under 14 minutes and therefore the shortest of the four tracks.

This was the first release for both projects, and especially for Until DeathOvertakes Me, this release is very interesting. All three tracks from Until Death Overtakes Me have been re-recorded in different versions on later releases ('Silent Dreams' and 'They Never Hope' on 'Symphony I: Deep Dark Red', and 'In The Mist' on 'Symphony II: Absence Of Life'). The most noteworthy of the differences is that while the tracks on this split are purely ambient, the newer versions on the other releases have become the ambient funeral doom that Until Death Overtakes Me has grown so famous for.

The ambience is very vague with all the sounds being far in the background almost all the time. Both guitar and keyboard effects are used very minimally. This creates a vast atmosphere of a black and depressive void. And already the dark cello-like sounds, that gave Until Death Overtakes Me the label "druid doom", is present. However the extreme minimalism has still a few steps to take before it reaches the sound it is known for; no vocals. No hints of metal...

I Dream No More is an ambient project now just as it was back on this split. Unlike the rest of the split, the music doesn't lie far in the background. Drum noises that sound like cannons firing slowly and steadily, repeat themselves over and over again. A dark hum, similar to a boat engine, pulsates under the cannons. And in the end there is the very minimalistic synth that plays a sad little melody among all this noise. There are quieter moments, but this is pretty much the standard for the track.

This split is probably of more interest to ambient fans than doom fans, but those doomsters who create the fanbase of Until Death Overtakes Me should also have a big interest in hearing this. This is the point where that project sprung out from, it is the beginning of its musical history.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
Until Death Overtakes Me:
1. They Never Hope
2. Silent Dreams
3. In The Mist

I Dream No More:
4. Hibernus Silentius

Duration : Approx. 70 minutes

Visit the I Dream No More bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-02-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
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