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Worship : Mournful Congregation/Worship Split

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In 2001 Worship vocalist and drummer Max passed away and that sad event seemingly foreshadowed the end of the cult underground project by himself and Daniel "The Doommonger" Vaross. Luckily, Daniel decided not to let the legacy die and Worship is still officially existent and there may be perspectives for the release of the second full length 'Dooom' that was left unfinished after Max' death. In the meantime, there were two tracks left unreleased that Daniel and Max recorded together. The last of them is featured on this release, together with the dedication to Max by those of the Mournful Congregation. Side A features the 8-minute long epic by the Australian band. The song tells the story of mankind, a people doomed to remain stuck in this world of misery, seeking solace in each other, yet never finding true release. Only the individual that devotes him or herself to the truth beyond our existence and walks a path hidden from the ignorant others may pass beyond the veil and reach the other side. A beautiful theme in itself and an even better way to honour the memory of Max. I hope that Max was able to reach that Nirvanic temple Mournful Congregation speaks of.

Musically, the band has taken a bit of a different approach than in the past. Instead of going for their former sound, an ultra-slow and utterly depressing mix of old My Dying Bride and Thergothon, they chose to make a more melodic song, with an emphasis on the lead guitars. The result is a very honest, emotional track that puts many other melodic doom bands to shame. This one goes straight to the heart and if this song is any indication for the upcoming works of the band, 2004 is going to be the year of the comeback of Mournful Congregation.

And now for the older work. While Worship's songs on the classic 'Last Vinyl Before Doomsday' are very minimalistic, the songs on their three 7” releases have a more full-bodied sound. According to Daniel this is largely Max' influence, who put a bit more aggression into these songs, where the ones on the LP were more depressive. As such, 'Let There Be Doom…' is a bit different from the material on the full length. The song is more monotonous, the presence of the drums is greater and the tempo is more constant. Besides those differences, this is the same unrelenting and dark ultra-doom the band is famous for. The name says it all…

Fans of either of the bands will gobble this stuff up, but sadly this limited to 500 release sold out some time ago. Desperate people can always try and contact Painiac records though, and maybe get lucky. For those not so lucky some substitute can be found in the other releases of these great bands, which are more widely available.

In short, this is high quality extreme doom for those who love theirs served raw, cold, empty, depressive, and so on…

"Before even dreams were dreamt of
There existed misery..."

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
Mournful Congregation:
1. The Epitome Of Gods And Men Alike

2. Let There Be Doom...

Duration : Approx. 17 minutes

Visit the Worship bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Oscar Strik
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