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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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Filthy and drunk doom/death with moments of grind and sludge/doom. As the name of the band suggests, they also have a tendency to sodomize flutes and similar in...
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Review Rules

We are always looking for reviewers interested in all Doom Metal styles. Don't hesitate to get in touch by contacting reviews [at] doom-metal [dot] com.

We do have some simple rules and guidelines that apply to reviews we publish. If you would like to submit a review to us, please ensure that you have read, understood and followed them:

- Tell us about the music: describe it, the way it sounds, what it evokes (accurate metaphors are welcome), the way the instruments are used. If you like it, say why; if you don't like it, be even more explicative.

- Take great care in the way you compose your review and think about the most approriate way to give it an appealing structure (most commonly: introduction, short overview of the background, analysis of the album, conclusion). Polish your writing - write real, complete sentences and avoid repetitions: the dictionary is full of words, use them.

- Originally structured reviews are welcome as long as they stay accurate and stick to the content you have to talk about.

- Being gross once in a while is okay, but avoid resorting too often to familiar/vulgar expressions. You're not talking to your best buddy. Bear in mind your review will be published.

- Avoid being too ecstatic about an album you love. Keep a certain distance and try to analyse the music objectively.

- Track-by-track reviews are forbidden, unless the album consists of very few tracks and/or the tracks sound really different from each other.

- Gratuitous name-dropping must be avoided. Be proportional: it is reasonable to use genuine comparisons to other bands in order to help the reader to get a better idea of the music, but excessive and/or inaccurate name-dropping simply makes a review look like a promo sheet.

- Your review should be correctly written, in proper English. If you don't think your command of English is solid enough, please don't send us anything: we don't have enough time to rewrite every paragraph for you.

- Be aware that according to the editorial policy of doom-metal.com, all work is proofed before publication and we reserve the right to make minor changes.

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